4 Disciplines of Execution

1- Focus on the Wildly Important
2- Act on the Lead Measures
3- Keep a compelling Scorecard
4- Create a Cadence of Accountability

To achieve a goal you’ve never achieved before, you have to do things you’ve never done before.


Great teams know at every moment whether or not they are winning. They must know, otherwise, they don’t know what they have to do to win the game!

Link: http://www.4dxbook.com/pdf/chapter1.pdf

SaaS Inspiration from Hiten

Add a required comment box before people can cancel your product.

My friend, Ruben Gamez was interviewed recently and mentioned this tip that I told him. One of your greatest sources of qualitative feedback is when people cancel, so make sure you ask people why they are canceling before they can actually cancel. The responses will help you discover what problems people have with your product which will lead to improvements you can make.


Culture Presentation by Reed Hastings of Netflix

Reed Hastings of Netflix fame shared a slideshare presentation with the world that really hits home about the importance of a culture of freedom and reliability.  Netflix is something special and Reed is a big reason why.

Some of my favorite parts include:
Communication – you treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you
Impact – you accomplish amazing amounts of important work
Curiosity – you learn rapidly and eagerly
Values are what we value

Here’s the presentation in all its glory:

Mint.com Business Experiences from Aaron Patzer Founder

Aaron Patzer was the founder and CEO of Mint.com.  In late 2009 Mint.com sold to Intuit for a reported $170 million dollars and Aaron is now head of the personal finance business at Intuit.  In 3 years he was able to help build a business that tracked billions of dollars of investing, banking and finance with millions of loyal users.

In the video below, Aaron walks through in great detail the starting, building and growing of Mint.com and offers open advice on what to do and what to avoid.  Well worth 20 mins.

Mint CEO Aaron Patzer on Startups from Techcrunch on Vimeo.